Our Values

At STZ our continuous commitment to excellence makes us who we are.

More Efficient Business Philosophy

We have the “big-firm” expertise without the “big-firm” hourly rates and overhead. We do not occupy expensive office space or maintain a large complement of administrative personnel. We only deploy experienced lawyers whose billing rates are quite affordable. Rather than incentivizing our lawyers to increase time spent on a matter, we reward efficiency.

Commercially sensible approach

Clients not just expect their lawyers to understand the law, but also to understand clients’ business, goals and priorities first before step ourselves into the legal aspects. This is what we do. Furthermore, we are flexible enough to offer to our clients on a case-by-case basis the best fee structure for their needs, whether that’s fixed fees, blended rates, or other innovative arrangements. In certain personal injury court cases, we front all expenses and only receive a fee if our client recovers.

First class service

We are committed to technical excellence in our work and to providing proactive, agile and practically oriented advice. Our referrers and clients know that we are accessible and responsive. Our partners are uniquely across every aspect of clients' matters. Our clients benefit from senior-level attention from start to finish.

Clients’ trust

We recognize that we must earn our clients’ trust every day by placing their interests and needs first. We intentionally keep accepted cases to a manageable level so that we can form true longstanding relationships with our clients.


“Stoeva Tchompalov & Znepolski (STZ) is a highly reliable firm with very experienced partners who have a profound understanding of issues they are dealing with”
(Legal 500).

“The team at STZ represents a unique combination of professionalism, experience and dedication... Their genuine attitude and commitment to every project undertaken are impressive and highly satisfactory. The STZ team is precise and fast. Customer needs are at the centre of their model and the results of their assignments are always above my expectations”
(Legal 500).

“This is a team of excellent lawyers, who perfectly collaborate and provide back-up to each other. They always respond on time and with high-quality work”
(Legal 500).

Our Story

The professional and personal relationship between the name partners had its roots in the late 1980s when they studied law at the same university. Afterward, for nearly 6 years Irina Stoeva and Peter Znepolski worked together as in-house lawyers at the leading Bulgarian insurer Bulstrad. Before the establishment of Stoeva, Tchompalov & Znepolski, from 2004 to the autumn of 2017 Iordan Tchompalov and Irina Stoeva were partners in separate, but associated law firms, which often joined forces to handle large transactions. After leaving Bulstrad in 2009 Peter Znepolski was enrolled in Sofia bar and formed together with Irina Stoeva the foundations of the current insurance and commercial litigation team.

Stoeva, Tchompalov & Znepolski Clients